Jelly Fish Counting

Make summer learning fun with this cute craft.  The kids will love picking out the different color tentacles and enjoy learning how to count as well.


What you need:

Paper plate

Construction paper


Paint (or markers, crayons, etc.)

Dot Paint or Finger Paint


Wiggly Eyes (optional)




1.  Cut your paper plate in half.  Then cut construction paper strips for the tentacles.  You can make as many as you want and count has high as you want.1-01d88190f4f87605239dce3e039df7fd271dc89553 - Copy





2.  Paint one half of your paper plate into any color you wish.  You could also color this half with markers, crayons, etc.2-01dfc2d6018e77973c6ad7a70a235ff05351520a75






3.  Using finger paint or dot paint, start lining up the tentacles with a certain number of spots to help your little one practice counting.  Be careful to leave some room at the top of each tentacle so it can be glued onto the back of the paper plate.3-01772f78e4934bd907727162d22fbb6cc9189ff722






4.  Glue your tentacles onto the back of the paper plate.  Make sure you put them in the right order!4-01deb042c4384f95370ae238e3b23603076da35549 - Copy









5.  Flip over your paper plate and write the number that matches the number on the tentacle.5-01717d70dac3b442e290180c199b55c9e07f54cd23









6.  Add wiggly eyes and a smile and enjoy your new counting craft!6-01d632eafc11d2c5554ab24bdd3c9fdde117f130df