Marshmallow Madness

These long summer days with the anticipation of school starting makes kids restless!  This sweet activity provides endless hours of fun allowing your kids to be as creative as they wish.  The best part – there is very little clean up or mess!   What you need: Mini Marshmallows Toothpicks tape (optional)   Steps: 1. […]

Back to School Banana Snack

Summer is winding down and it’s time to start thinking about school!  Try this healthy, new, and yummy after school snack.  It’s quick and easy for those hectic afternoons.   What you need: Bananas Nutella Whole wheat wrap   Steps:   1.   Lay out your wrap and spread Nutella over the entire surface.   […]

Olympic Torch

Another fun way to help your kids get excited for the Olympics is have them make there very own torch!  This is a quick, simple craft using all materials you most likely have around your house.   What you need: Red Tissue Paper Yellow Tissue Paper White printer paper Glue Scissors   Steps: 1.  Cut […]

Olympic Fruit Rings

It is time to get ready for the Olympics!  Have fun helping your kids get into the Olympic Spirit and also have a healthy snack during the day.   What you need: Blueberries Blackberries Strawberries Pineapple Green Grapes Cutting Board Tray Knife   Steps: 1.  Wash all your fruit.       2. Cut your […]

Crab Apple Snack

With it becoming the middle of summer, what a fun way to get excited about an upcoming beach vacation or remembering the fun from a vacation that has already come and gone!  This cute little crab snack will have your kids excited and loving a new twist on a healthy apple for snack.   What […]

Jelly Fish Counting

Make summer learning fun with this cute craft.  The kids will love picking out the different color tentacles and enjoy learning how to count as well.   What you need: Paper plate Construction paper Sharpie Paint (or markers, crayons, etc.) Dot Paint or Finger Paint Glue Wiggly Eyes (optional)   Steps:   1.  Cut your […]

Fireworks Paint

Try this craft to create a fun fireworks display at home and help kids get excited for the Fourth of July!  It’s fun, easy, and a great way to build the excitement for fireworks!   What you need: Blue and red paint 6 bendable straws Scotch tape Paper   Steps: 1. Create your “firework” with […]

Fourth of July Snack

This healthy snack is a great way to add to a Fourth of July theme whether it’s a cookout or play date.   What you need: Bread Strawberry Jelly Blueberries Banana   Steps: 1. This quick snack is really a 1 step process!  Toast your bread, spread your strawberry jelly, then add the blueberries and […]

Caterpillar Finger Paint

Make a sweet caterpillar out of your child’s hand print!  It is messy fun and a good idea to save for a really hot day or a long rainy day to make summer more fun!   What you need: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow Finger Paint Large piece of paper Small tip paint brush Black paint […]

Flower Snack

Surprise your kids with this fun and healthy flower snack or use this idea during your next play date.   It only takes minutes to put this snack together and it’s fun for the kids to help too!   What you need: Grapes Cantaloupe Celery Serving tray or cutting board   How to do the […]