Fruit and Pancake Treat

Try this tasty treat with your kids this summer!  Your kids will love helping you assemble these treats and the best part is you’ll feel less guilty about their treat because of the fruit inside.  Simple and sweet and ready to eat!


What you need:

Large strawberries



Thawed frozen mini pancakes



Simple Steps:

1.  Slice your strawberries and bananas and put them into bowls.  The larger portion of the strawberry is the best part to use as it covers more of the pancake.  1-011535327fdce8bd9d480968c8e8f33d0529a3a286





2.  Cover one side of your thawed mini pancake with Nutella.




3.  Stack your Nutella pancake with strawberry, then a banana, then cover another pancake with Nutella.2-012abef8c098bc8e78ce8687cd6aac23cb4de199e7





4.  Use a toothpick to hold them together.  It’s a quick and simple treat.  Enjoy!