Memorial Day Snack

Whether you’re at home or going to a cookout over Memorial Day Weekend, this snack is a quick and festive way to add a little patriotic theme to your day.


What you need:

pretzel rods

white chocolate

red, white, and blue sprinkles

wax paper

cookie sheet

microwave safe bowl



How to make the snack:

1.  Line a cookie sheet with wax paper.


2. Break the white chocolate in a bowl and microwave until mostly melted.  With a spoon you can break up the remaining chocolate.





3.  Dip your pretzel rod in the white chocolate until it’s about half covered with chocolate.  You may also use a spoon to help cover the pretzel as needed.01729ec0911931cb6dfafd9b29ca5c383adb0ace76







4.  Take a spoon and shake the sprinkles on the chocolate.0133e1d899256aa6d731831bcff905a74598c74eb4







5.  Place pretzel rod on wax paper to dry.


6.  Display how you like and enjoy!013565ed1a3c6d8dec8bd61c969933fd0d570dee66