Memorial Day Lanterns

Here’s another way you can do a simple activity with your kids to help add a patriotic feel to your Memorial Day Weekend.  It’s nearly impossible to mess up and a lot of fun to create!


What you need:

Glass jars

Oange label Modge Podge – glossy finish

Red, white, and blue tissue paper


Foam brush

Paper plate


How to make the lanterns:


1. First, you will want to pre-cut all the tissue paper in the shapes you want.  This can include squares, hearts, stars, long stripes, polka dots, etc.  Ideas are endless!01c9769991a6c95cc396e8a86b3cff49ff9bc5d382








2. Place your clear jar onto a paper plate.  Squeeze some Modge Podge onto the paper plate and dip your foam brush into it and then spread it onto the glass.016d6e3f8fc5c1e4ff1d9ab4035cf217309f56432a




3. Then place your cut out tissue paper on the Modge Podge in whatever pattern you choose.




4.  Once you’ve covered the jar with your tissue paper design, add another layer of Modge Podge on top of the tissue paper.  This will provide a layer of protection to keep the tissue paper in place.



5.  Take your new lanterns outside, place a votive in the jar, and enjoy the glow of your new Memorial Day Lantern!01aa50c07e24b6597035388d60e054948d863c6d69