Sweet and Salty Flower Snack

Who doesn’t like a little sweet and salty snack after school?  This snack is quick, easy, and a fun surprise to treat your kids after school or a fun activity any day of the week!1-FullSizeRender

What you need:

Square pretzels
White Chocolate Bar


1.  Divide M&M’s by color on a plate.

2.  Place a piece of white chocolate on top of the pretzel.  This should be big enough to cover the larger portion of the pretzel, but doesn’t have to be as big as the pretzel.

3.  Place the pretzel and white chocolate in the microwave f2-IMG_2642or about 30-45 seconds.  The chocolate should be pretty soft.

4.  Place a M&M in the middle of the pretzel, which will be the center of the flower.  Make sure the M label is facing down!

5.  Surround the middle M&M with 5 different color M&M’s than the center color.

6.  Eat and Enjoy!



3-FullSizeRender - 5