Spring Showers Activity

This fun activity is an interesting way to teach your kids a little something about clouds and why it rains!

What you need:
  1.  A clear jar or glass cup
  2. Water
  3. White foaming shaving cream
  4. Blue food coloring with dropper



The fun part –1-IMG_2683

1.  Fill the glass about half full with water.





2.  Top the water with white foam shaving cream.  This is to act as your cloud.  The more shaving cream you have, the more blue food dye you will need.  The shaving cream can be a large or small amount.  It just needs to cover the surface of the water.









3.  Drop blue food coloring on top of the shaving cream until it starts to fall into the water.





The Idea –

The heavier and fuller a cloud is with water, the more likely the cloud is to produce rain.  In this activity, as you add droplets of food coloring onto the shaving cream cloud, the cloud becomes too full and eventually the blue dye starts to fall.  Just like rain!


A fun and easy hands-on way to demonstrate why we have spring showers!