The Summer Series at CMoR Kicks Off

Get ready for some fantastic fun all summer long. The Children’s Museum of Richmond is making this summer so cool!

Summer Series 2013
There’s so much to do
at CMoR this Summer!
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CMoR Central: July 13,
CMoR Chesterfield: July 14, 10am-4pm
Spider Man 2013
CMoR Central: July 20,
Shows at 11am and 1:30pm
CMoR Chesterfield: July 21,
Shows at 11am and 1:30pm
moonbounce 2013
CMoR Central: July 27,
CMoR Chesterfield: July 28
CMoR Central: August 3,
Performance at 11am
Diggity Dudes
CMoR Chesterfield: August 4,
Shows at 11am and 1pm
Super Hero/Princess Day 2013
CMoR Central: August 10,
CMoR Chesterfield: August 11