RVA Parents Forum covers TECHNOLOGY: The Good, Bad & Ugly

RVA Parents Forum Series Encourages Parents to Get Connected Parenting in a hyper-connected technology filled world. What’s the impact of all the media and technology on children? Does too much screen time hurt or help social skills development? Parents will learn how to protect their kids online. When: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 6:00-7:30 p.m. Where: […]

DIVORCE: The Rippling Effect

RVA Parents Forum Series Addresses Parenting through Divorce Over 1 million children will see their parents divorce this year, and 50% will experience this life-changing event before turning 18.  At any age, the break up of their parents can leave kids feeling sad, angry, and deeply hurt. Often, the rippling effects of the split can […]

Alcohol, Drugs & Teens: A Dangerous Mix!

RVA Parents Forum Series Addresses Alcohol, Drugs & Teens: A Dangerous Mix! Tuesday, November 11th Commonwealth Parenting, celebrating its 30th Anniversary and new partnership with the Children’s Museum of Richmond, addresses Alcohol Drugs & Teens on Tuesday, November 11th at 6 p.m. at the Children’s Museum of Richmond-Short Pump location. The RVA Parents Forum Series brings […]

Halloween Tips for Parents

Maximize Your Parenting on Halloween!  Tips from Commonwealth Parenting To minimize candy overload, feed your kids dinner before trick-or-treating.  Now’s your chance to review the ground rules for Trick-or-Treating. Teach your kids to only go to houses where the lights are on, and to accept treats at the door but never go inside a house. This […]

Thousands of Students Skip School Because of Bullying

RVA Parents Forum Series Addresses Bullying Solutions October 14th October is National Bullying Prevention Month, an important time to bring awareness to the impact on kids and their families. Every day, approximately 160,000 teens skip school because of bullying and 1 in 10 drops out of school due to repeated bullying, according to recent statistics […]

Raising Kids in Today’s “Mindfield” of Challenges – Is There an App for That?

RVA Parents Forum Series Boldly Tackles the Tough Issues  Parenting has always been difficult and according to the recent report “Culture of American Families” (2012), a whopping 83% of parents find parenting to be more challenging today than in previous generations.  Where can parents turn for effective strategies and tested tools to guide them through the […]

Children’s Museum of Richmond and Commonwealth Parenting Announce Merger & New Speakers Series

The Children’s Museum of Richmond and Commonwealth Parenting announced that they are merging the two organizations. “It is a partnership that has grown naturally over the years and because of that, the strategy aligned well,” explained Wally Stettinius, VCU professor of business. Stettinius served on the Task Force that recommended the merger to CMoR’s Board […]

The Summer Series at CMoR Kicks Off

Get ready for some fantastic fun all summer long. The Children’s Museum of Richmond is making this summer so cool! There’s so much to do at CMoR this Summer! Click any of the buttons below to learn more! CMoR Central: July 13, 10am-4pm CMoR Chesterfield: July 14, 10am-4pm CMoR Central: July 20, Shows at 11am […]

LEGO® Summer Camp at Children’s Museum of Richmond

Just when you thought Children’s Museum of Richmond couldn’t come up with anything more fun – they do! Let your imagination run wild with over 100,000 pieces of LEGO®! They’ ve added two new camp sessions to their summer roster! August 5 – 9, 2013 at CMoR Short Pump PRE-Engineering with LEGO® (ages 5-6) and  Engineering FUNdamentals […]

This Week: June 10th – 16th, 2013

Get ready for a great week and enjoy some fun Father’s Day activities too. Check out our listing of fun Father’s Day ideas.  And don’t miss our Sizzlin’ Summer Events and Activities. We also provide lots of monthly event updates, giveaways, and other information on our newsletters. Click here  to sign-up and be added to our newsletter email […]