Backyard Farmers Make it Fun for Kids to Garden, Harvest, and Cook

gardenSchool is out for many kids already – and the last days of school are almost here for those finishing up in June.  It’s a great time for family fun – but don’t forget about the many ways you can teach kids health and fitness during the summer. Gardening in summer is a great way to get them involved and engaged in fun and learning.

Backyard Farmers

Backyard Farmers is one way that schools are teaching kids about growing their own food, preparing it, and eating more nutritiously.

They connect students, faculty, staff, and parents through hands-on learning experiences—in and outside the classroom. Their current garden and project locations include:

  • CITY OF RICHMOND: Henderson Middle, Elkhardt Middle, Binford Middle, Franklin Military Academy, Maymont Elementary, Summer Hill Elementary
  • HENRICO COUNTY: Moody Middle, Adams Elementary, Fairfield Middle, Lucille Brown Middle, Greenwood Elementary
  • CHESTERFIELD COUNTY: Beulah Elementary, Evergreen Elementary, E. Scott Elementary, Bellwood Elementary

They ensure that a maintenance plan is in place–and engage the children in the process through regular programming. According to their website:

  • Kindergarteners love organic gardens, because that means they get to pick the bugs off the plants themselves rather than rely on pesticides.
  • Middle schoolers get a thrill out of transplanting—especially when they can turn the fruits of their labors into a fundraiser for field trips.
  • Parents and teachers enjoy watching their students grow as quickly as the seeds they plant.

Teach Kids Gardening Skills

So, why not take this concept home this summer and teach kids about gardening, harvesting, and preparing their own food? It’s easy to plan a small raised-bed garden in your back yard. It just takes some soil and a few plants to get started. Kids enjoy planting, watering, and watching things grow.

The kids will really be excited when they’re able to pick fresh vegetables and bring them right into the house for lunch, dinner, or snacks!

And if your school is interested in a school garden, you can contact Backyard Farmers to find out how it works and get started. Summer is the perfect time to get the planning done and the gardening started for the next school year!

Also be sure and check out our listing of Farmers Markets where you can introduce kids to homegrown goodness too.

Have a healthy, nutritious summer and stay safe!