Virginia Repertory Theatre Hosts Spring into the Arts Festival on April 6th

Virginia Repertory Theatre will host Spring into the Arts Festival at the Virginia Rep Center from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturday, April 6th. Join us at 4204 Hermitage Rd. (the former Scottish Rite Temple) to celebrate spring and the first round of renovations to the new space. Admission is free.

The festival will feature live performance highlights from the current family musical Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Rock Experience, and Maggie Ronck from ON AIR will be performing “Talk to Me” from that show. Families can enjoy interactive workshops, an artisan market, food trucks, kids’ activities, behind-the-scenes tours and more.

Education Manager Vivian Schwartz has planned an arts and crafts table where families will be making a Naked Mole Rat Dress Up Doll, using fabric scraps and other materials. There will also be different theatre games at 10am, 1pm and 3pm. For children looking for fun physical activities, there will be tug-o-war, parachutes, tunnels, jump ropes and hula hoops available.

10:00 am THEATER GAMES: Theme: Picking up on cues
Pass the sound (a variation of “zip zap zop”)
Winker’s Demise (a whodunit game)
One word story (a moving narrative).

1:00 pm THEATER GAMES: Theme: Movement and Mind Bender Games
Spacial Opposites (a game of not doing what you’re told)
Pass the Mime (a game of invisible objects)
Quick Change (A game of heightened listening)

3:00 pm THEATER GAMES: Theme: Dialogue and Character Games
Gibberish Scene (A game of nonsense that makes a lot of sense)
Characterization (A game of impersonations)
Yes, And… (A game of going with the flow)

“We are excited to share some renovation updates in our new home for Family Theatre, Education, and Tour Departments,” said Todd D. Norris, Artistic Director of Education. “We are renovating the kitchen, library and ballroom for special events, and the multi-purpose spaces used for rehearsals, recording, classes, camps and more.” The Virginia Rep Center for Arts and Education is available to rent for community events, recitals, weddings and all kinds of occasions. Contact Billy Bryan at to inquire about available dates in various spaces in the building, as well as catering services.