The classic fable is brought to life in this Hans Christian Andersen story of greed and privilege. When it comes to fashion and… well, everything… this emperor knows it all, or so he thinks. The emperor has decreed that color and music are banned from the kingdom and are only allowed in his castle. Two charlatans persuade the emperor that they have the world’s most exquisite fabric. The emperor pays the “tailors” a fortune for his new clothes, but when he parades through town in his new wardrobe, a good-hearted, honest child shouts out what everyone else is thinking!

Oct. 20 – Nov. 12, 2023
Virginia Rep Center for Arts and Education
Jessie Bogese Theatre
4204 Hermitage Rd.
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Most appreciated by ages 4 – 10.

Run Time: One hour (There is no intermission.) GET TICKETS

By Hans Christian Andersen
Adapted by Richard Giersch
Music and Lyrics by Jason Marks
Directed by Jan Guarino