Helping Kids Think THANKFUL This Month

thankfulEven the youngest kids can get in the spirit of giving thanks on Thanksgiving.   Try these ideas with your family to develop and foster a habit of thankfulness this season.

Be Thankful Every Day:

Write down something that each person is thankful for everyday.  Share the favorites on Thanksgiving.

  • Post them on the wall in a creative way
  • Attach them to branches like leaves
  • Draw pictures of special moments
  • Consider keeping a thankful journal

Be Thankful By Giving to Others Through Donations:

Children can express thankfulness by making donations.

  • Encourage children to donate to a food drive or food bank.  FeedMore is Central Virginia’s hunger-relief leader made up of the Central Virginia Food Bank, Meals on Wheels Serving Central Virginia and the Community Kitchen.
  • Sponsor another family’s Thanksgiving meal.
  • Shelters need donations of personal care items.  Kids can help choose the supplies and feel a sense of pride in helping others.  For a list of local shelters to connect with click here.
  • Let your children help buy a gift for another child and donate it to a toy drive.  Toys for Tots is a national organization that has local donation bins throughout Richmond.

Be Thankful By Sharing What You Have With Others:

Children can express thankfulness by sharing items they have outgrown with other children.

  • Puritan Cleaners collects Coats For Kids during the month of November.  They wash and repair them and then deliver to the Salvation Army for distribution to Central Virginia’s needy families.
  • Kids can de-clutter and donate their old toys and clothing to make room for new ones.  Explain to your child that they have out grown a certain toy or outfit but that another child may love it the way they use to.  The Salvation Army and Goodwill are good options for this kind of donation.
  • Invite extra guests to join your family for dinner.  If you know someone who will be alone for the holidays, make them feel loved by inviting them to your family’s holiday dinner this year.

Be Thankful By Volunteering Your Time:

Look for opportunities to volunteer as a family.

  • Help at an animal shelter or local hospital
  • Create care packages for senior citizens or soldiers
  • Visit an orphanage
  • Serve food at a shelter
  • Help an elderly neighbor
  • FeedMore‘s Food Bank always needs volunteers

Be Thankful For The People Around You:

Have your children make a list of all the special people in their lives- grandparents, friends, teachers, babysitters, aunts and uncles.  Then help them think of ways to show each person how much they mean to your children.  This helps kids learn to value the people in their lives who have made a difference.

  • Write notes of appreciation
  • Draw special pictures of togetherness
  • Make a surprise phone call
  • Surprise one another by writing letters to each other.

Be Thankful By Setting A Good Example:

The best way to teach children about giving thanks is to be a good example. Tell your children what you are thankful for and make giving thanks part of your daily routine.

Here’s To A Happy and Thanks-Filled Thanksgiving For All!