Did you know you know your 4th grade child gets a FREE pass to all the National Parks for a full year?

Who doesn’t like something free? What that means is you can now visit some of the most stunning natural landscapes our country has to offer without paying the entrance fee. As an added bonus, family members also get in free.

Don’t miss this opportunity to start exploring places you have never been. The leaves are just about to start turning so get outside and use this pass at many locations across Virginia and the country. One of my favorite places to go in the fall is to the Blue Ridge Parkway and hike in Shenandoah National Park, this year I don’t have to pay!

Our national park system is full of amazing, awe inspiring destinations. As a mom of a fourth grader I think it’s only appropriate to educate as many as possible on the wonderful program the National Park Service has provided to all fourth graders.

Helpful Tips
  • A link to the pass -Visit https://everykidinapark.gov
  • The pass is valid September through the following August.
  • The 4th grade student must complete the web based activity in order to obtain the pass. It is nothing difficult, just a little insight to what they may learn.
  • You must have a paper copy of the pass after completing the form. Keep it in a safe spot.
  • The pass covers the pass owner (4th grader) and 3 accompanying adults ages 16 and older at places where a per person fee is charge. Children 15 and under are free.
  • The pass allows the owner and accompanying passenger in single private vehicle to enter sites that charge a per vehicle fee.
  • The fourth grader must be present in order to use the pass and may not be loaned to others
  • No refunds are given if you have already purchased the pass or forget to bring your pass
  • If an attendant is not present at a park, place pass on the dashboard
  • The pass does NOT include the following fees such as – camping, boat launching, parking, special tours, special permits, or ferries.
Day Trips From Richmond

Don’t just get the pass, use the pass! Virginia alone has over 22 national parks. Enrich your kids 4th grade curriculum by visiting the historical spots they are learning about in school.

  • Appalachian Trail- Explore over 2,180 miles of public trails that take you through the Appalachian Mountains
  • Blue Ridge- For the driving option of exploring the mountains head to the here. Off the parkway there are several areas to stop and take pictures or go on a hike. Very easy to access off I-64
  • Appomattox Court House- This is the site that ended the Civil War in 1865, Located in Appomattox, VA
  • Colonial Park- Includes both Historical Jamestown and Yorktown Battlefield where your 4th grader can enrich their Virginia history lesson.

“There is nothing so American as our national parks. The scenery and the wildlife are native. The fundamental idea behind the parks is native. It is, in brief, that the country belongs to the people, that it is in process of making for the enrichment of the lives of all of us. The parks stand as the outward symbol of the great human principle.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

This article was provided by Stephanie Denholm at SD Travel Consulting.

SD Travel Consulting is a travel agency that helps parents introduce the world to their children through memorable, meticulously planned family vacations.  Need more help planning your trip?  Please contact me at steph@sdtravelconsulting.com.  I work with families who want to enrich their children’s lives through travel by actually visiting historical spots, geographic formations, and different places that allow them to learn about the cultures that shape our world.

I love to travel and inspire others to do the same. Traveling and exploring the world with my family brings me so much joy. Together we have experienced a variety of vacations: Europe, National Parks, and big cities. We have met Mickey Mouse and relaxed on the beaches of Hawaii. Each trip has allowed us to grow together, enrich our understanding of the world, and make lasting memories.