West End Music Camp- Violin Classes for Beginners and Kids with Some Experience

Want a fun learning experience for the summer?
Join West End Music Camp!

West End Music Camp is offering an exciting opportunity for kids this summer!  Their goal is to get kids excited about music.  They plan to do this by teaching kids the basics of the violin, music and rhythms… and no previous experience is needed!!! But, if you know a little something, you are also welcome.

The Plan:
  • Violin classes
  • Weekly rehearsals and musical training
  • Closing performance, where the kids will show off what they can do 😉
  • And of course…to have fun!
What you will need:
    • These can be purchased or rented either online, or at a local store (see more below)
  • A music stand

The camp is priced at $250.00 ($220.00 Early Bird Special!)

Camp  including beginner’s prep. is $280.00 ($250.00 EB Special!)


**West End Music Camp also encourages students to sign up for private lessons to complement their learning**

Natalia O’Brien, Violin teacher

Natalia began playing the violin at the age of five and has since developed a successful career as a soloist and chamber musician, playing in numerous orchestras around the world. A native of Dominican Republic, she was the youngest artist ever to graduate from the National Conservatory of Music in Santo Domingo at the age of 17. She holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Shenandoah University from which she graduated cum laude and was a winner of the Shenandoah University Concerto Competition. She also has a master’s degree from Lynn University (Florida). Natalia lives in Richmond, Virginia and maintains a private music studio for young violinists and violists.

If you are interested in private lessons, contact her!

804.855.7299    or    nativil_10@yahoo.com

Camp dates:

July 6th, 11th and 19th are the Beginner’s Prep Classes. Camp continues through August 13th.  Camp times are  6:00pm -8:00pm.

July                              August

Thursday, 6th             Tuesday, 1st

Tuesday, 11th              Thursday, 3rd

Wednesday, 19th       Tuesday, 8th

Thursday, 20th           Thursday, 10th

Tuesday, 25th             Saturday, 12th (dress rehearsal – 10:00am)

Thursday, 27th           Sunday, 13th (final performance – 4:00pm)

Violin rentals:

Rentals can run for $40-$50 for the first three months, which is considered a Trial Period.  Below are some suggestions, but feel free to shop around!  You can also purchase a music stand there or online.

Jan Hampton Violins   804-231-7463

Music and Arts   804-740-2644