A FREE music class for babies… and the grown-ups who love them!

Baby Try Class (CKR)(2)Imagine a place where your baby always smiles and laughs.

Imagine a place where your baby is free to play, explore, and be himself, full of squeals of delight.

Imagine a place where you both make friends and become part of a family. A place where you feel comfortable and happy, knowing your child is learning, developing life-long skills, and thriving with every unique activity.

Imagine a place where every child is loved and appreciated. A place that creates memories that will last a lifetime.

You have found that place.

You have found that class.

You have found your home at Melody Magic.

Cuddle & Bounce for newborns, infants, and babies!

Newborns, infants, and crawlers will delight in instrument play, dance, exploration time, and together time. And parents will love how these “baby only” classes strengthen important early parent-child bonds and give you the opportunity to learn about your baby’s early development!

In class you and your baby will:

  • Explore with developmentally appropriate instruments
  • Dance and move (and stimulate your baby’s sense of balance!)
  • Enjoy side-by-side play with other babies and parents
  • Become part of a fabulous community of families just like you

We invite you to come sing, dance, laugh, and play with us in Cuddle & Bounce … and find out how Kindermusik helps your little one grow and learn!

Melody_Magic_WEBSigning up for a FREE preview class is easy!

  1. Click this link to visit our website
  2. Find the class that works for your schedule
  3. Click “schedule demo”

It’s never too early to give your baby a musical start.

But hurry! The free class offer ends Sept. 30th!

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