Tissue Paper Flowers

Brighten your day when you make these colorful tissue paper flowers!  You can do this project just in time for Mother’s Day too!


What you need:

Tissue paper – at least 5 sheets of any color per flower

Pipe cleaners


Jar or vase for display


1.  Cut the tissue paper in half so there is a square sheet in front of you.  01b7b147f3e820c6efa6d13489708791faad831934




2.  Neatly place your 5 sheets of paper on top of each other.  The color on the bottom of your pile will be the outside “petal” color, and the top tissue paper will be the “inside” color of your flower.


3.  Once they are stacked on top of each other, start to fold the tissue paper into a fan until it’s folded all the way to the end of the sheet.01c9d7a47369520bc367904e736bf51fccc23c2be3




4.  Place the pipe cleaner in the middle of the fan.  Wrap the pipe cleaner around the fan and twist it at the top, leaving the majority of the pipe cleaner below the fan.  The rest of the pipe cleaner will act as the stem.01517101d975bd68b8f337d89a2893178b879f4136





5.  Using scissors, cut the edge of the fan to create soft round petals.019554dc3f230cc059cdc70f1c08239525107e393b






6.  Open your fan, and gently start pulling the petals towards the middle, one sheet at a time on both sides.0176e1afc443d5dd0cc5011c3460ee93e3e3e45408






7.  Enjoy your beautiful tissue paper flowers!1-018caa5c69096e898e9993d35eee954ee61ccd91bf