Just What Is Cotillion?


What is cotillion?

Cotillion is a fun, organized and safe social activity for middle-schoolers to learn timeless dances and social graces.  Generally, there are 6-8 dances a year with various themes.  The goal is social self confidence and they use dancing as the tool while also incorporating etiquette.  For children it’s a fun night out with friends and an opportunity to learn how to dance and interact with peers of the opposite gender.  Kids often meet in their community and carpool to cotillion and then go out for snacks, dinner, or ice cream before or afterwards depending on the time of their dance.

Parents often find this is a nice opportunity for their children to develop social self confidence at this crucial time in their lives.

Who offers cotillion in the Richmond area? 

There are two cotillion groups we can recommend – Junior Assembly Cotillion and  Town & Country Cotillion.  There are other, smaller groups we are less familiar with.

Town and Country Cotillion takes place at The Tuckahoe Woman’s Club in Windsor Farms at 4215 Dover Road.

Junior Assembly Cotillion offers two locations.  Some groups meet at The Woman’s Club located downtown at 211 East Franklin Street, but the majority of groups meet in the far west end at the Fox Hall Clubhouse located at 13550 Causeway Drive.   All groups have their Holly Ball and Cupid’s Ball at The Woman’s Club.

What does it cost?

Cotillion costs anywhere from $260 -$280 per year.

How can I get more information?  

Registration for sixth grade cotillion starts now!  Contact the cotillion groups to be invited to the informal receptions where they introduce the program to parents. This is by invitation only, so contact the cotillion group directly to get an invitation or find a parent rep at your local elementary school.