Allergy Awareness 2013 Tour – Road to no Reaction at CMoR: May 12th

tour-logoThe Children’s Museum of Richmond (CMoR) has a special treat for mothers and kids with food allergies.  The Sunday, May 12th performances at CMoR Central will highlight anaphylaxis and food allergy awareness through upbeat songs and positive lyrics.

“Kyle’s been able to take something that can be a lifelong challenge and turn it into something positive.” Julia Bradsher, CEO Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN).

Kyle Dine Performance LogoAll too often we hear news stories that focus on the “doom and gloom” side of allergies. Although they are very important in stressing the severity of anaphylaxis, they usually fail to mention the positive news – Food allergies are luckily manageable. Although it can be difficult to put on a brave face with this condition, studies show that the more we embrace our allergies with a positive attitude, the higher our quality of life. Kyle Dine’s music aims to give this positive outlook to allergic children and help them become empowered over their allergies while seeing the bright side.

“Kyle Dine’s music made my kids smile instantly.” said food allergy parent Tiffany Ferreira, “They were so excited to sing and smile about their food allergies. Their confidence helps them navigate challenges.”

The performance is sponsored by Children’s Museum of Richmond, Allergy Apparel LLC and Food Allergy Fun. A food allergy resource table will be available at the event.

Sunday, May 12th • CMoR Central

Two special concert performances:

12-1 pm and 2-3 pm

Join us as musician Kyle Dine, a Canadian songwriter, performs songs that are designed to entertain and educate people about food allergies. Both performances are free and open to the public; regular museum admission prices apply for access to exhibits.