Car Nanny Saves You Time and Keeps You Going

car nannyRaising kids in the Richmond area is fun because there are so many great family-friendly events and activities. But busy moms and dads have plenty to do when it comes to working, driving kids to and from activities and sports, participating in community events, preparing meals, helping with homework, and so much more.

So when do you give your car the attention it needs to keep it running well – and to ensure it is safe?

There is help on the way! CAR NANNY is a local Richmond, VA service that partners with national vehicle service companies like Jiffy Lube, Goodyear, and Meineke to provide you with the highest quality car service available.

Insured professionals pick up your car every few weeks for cleaning, maintenance and servicing. It’s all included with one low monthly all inclusive rate.

Some of the services available include:

  • Washing/waxing
  • Professionally detailed
  • Oil changes
  • Servicing
  • Annual inspections
  • And even filling it up with gas!

carBest of all, they do it for a little more than you would pay retail but you are never inconvenienced and don’t have to worry about maintenance and service for your vehicle. They do it all for you. This is one service that busy moms and dads can take advantage of to save them time!

Once you let Car Nanny take care of your car, then you’ll have more time to raise kids in the Richmond area and enjoy more activities together.

How it Works

STEP ONE – Register via Email, Phone or Online

Tell us who you are, what type of car you have and give us your contact information. This is also when you pick a day that typically is going to work for your car service. For example, if you are at home or in the office most Monday’s, that’s a good day to select.

STEP TWO – Choose and Purchase Your CAR NANNY Package

These are simply based on the number of miles your drive each year. The monthly fee will be debited from your account each month on the 1st. There is no contract, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and you can cancel anytime. 

STEP THREE – Confirm the Appointment

We will send you a confirmation reminder one week prior to each service run. If everything is a go, do nothing. However, if you need to re-schedule because you have to leave town that day, no biggie; just pick a new day. We will confirm the new time and send you a 24 hour reminder prior to pickup.

STEP FOUR – Do Something Else With Your Weekend

Our insured professionals are taking good care of your car. We provide the best service, washes and details available. That’s it. No gimmicks. You pay a little more than you would retail. We deal with the hassle of keeping your car running and looking great!

Not sure if you would like it or not? That’s not a problem because there are no contracts and you can cancel anytime. The drivers responsible for your car undergo background checks and more to ensure your vehicle is in good hands.

Click here to learn more about CAR NANNY. Let us know what you think!