nTelos Wireless Launches Custom Parental Control App

Parents can monitor and limit their child’s cell phone use and much more

Source: nTelos Website

Source: nTelos Website

To fulfill requests from its customers, nTelos Wireless announced  the launch of a new custom parental control app.

The new app, called Parental Control, is designed to give parents peace of mind in multiple ways, from offering custom reports that show who is texting their children to a GeoAlert feature, which alerts them when their child arrives safely at school or a friend’s house. In addition, a parent can also use the location feature to locate their child’s device at any time to determine where their child is located.

“This app is perfect for parents who want their child to have a cell phone for convenience or emergencies, but also want to set boundaries on when and how they use their phone,” said Conrad Hunter, chief operating officer of nTelos Wireless. “Parents download the app to their child’s phone, and then use a website to set the controls and features.”

Starting today, the Android app will be available on the Google Play store to post-pay customers at two price levels: standard for $9.99 per month; and premium, which includes multiple features as well as the ability for parents to set a curfew time for when children can use the phone, and unlimited GeoAlerts for $14.99 per month. At either price point, parents can track up to 10 phone lines via a custom website parentalcontrol.ntelos.com. An Apple iPhone version is currently in the works.

While other cellular phone carriers offer similar features split into several different apps, nTelos worked closely with Code9 Mobile, a developer of child usage apps, to bundle sought after features into its own custom app.

“In a mobile, digital world, parents need help to gain insight into their kids’ mobile lives,” Hunter added. “Without parental guidance, kids can easily misuse cell phones to become inadvertent bullies, or their victims, or worse. This was a feature our customers were asking for, so we’re delivering.”

The app can also alert parents when certain key words are used in texts, or when there are changes to their child’s address book. A parent can choose to generate a number of reports for their child’s phone, with the basic level offering higher-level reporting and the premium version offering more detailed reports.