Where is Your Elf on the Shelf?

elfieWith Christmas rapidly approaching, the Elf on the Shelf is getting into plenty of mischief and causing lots of laughter throughout the Richmond area. Children are waking up to find that their little friend has fallen into the cookie jar, rolled the tree with toilet paper, and even gone fishing with the Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish!

If you’re out of ideas for your Elf friend, then we’ve got some to help you in these last days before Christmas. These ideas might get you thinking about something new and unique that will have your Elf on the Shelf into lots of mischief. Be sure and share your ideas and photos with us too (you can email comments and photos to email@completelykidsrichmond.com).

Here are are top 11 ways to showcase your holiday Elf:

  1. Elfie needs some exercise – give him a barbell made of large marshmallows connected by a toothpick or straw.
  2. Send him headfirst into a bag of M&Ms.
  3. Even Elfie loves babies – he might like cradling the Baby from the manger.
  4. Wow – Elfie loves sliding down the row of candy canes!
  5. Who doesn’t love to make snow angels – a splattering of flour makes the perfect snow bed for Elfie to make his own angels.
  6. Hmmm…..letters to Santa hand delivered by Elfie?
  7. Nap time – even elves get sleepy. A box of tissues with Elfie snuggled underneath a tissue with a tissue pillow is the perfect place for rest.
  8. Oh no…..Elfie is stuck under a glass!
  9. Mischevious Elfie decided it would be fun to pull out all of the canned goods from the pantry and line the counters with them.
  10. Even elves like fresh, clean, pearly whites – that’s why Elfie is hanging on to the toothpaste.
  11. Oops – chocolate on his face as Elfie sits atop an over-sized Hershey bar.

What is your Elf doing during the holidays. Let us know so we can share with our readers. You can post your Elf comments and photos on our Facebook page or email us at email@completelykidsrichmond.com.


Enjoy the holidays and watch out – you never know where Elfie might appear.Elfieelfie