WRITING IS POWER – Summer Camp at Richmond Young Writers

Summer Camp at Richmond Young Writers

Writing is power. That’s what we’re all about: we empower youth voices through writing.

Our summer camps are 5-day creativity-sparking experiences during which young people bond over the ecstasy and misery of storytelling. Each camp week features a revered guest star – a published author, an inspirational community leader, a brilliant musician, etc. – as well as a sharp look at a favorite genre, plenty of writing time, snacks and camaraderie. And, hey – our camps are great experiences for kids who aren’t yet identifying as writers! We hear a lot of, “Oh, this is actually awesome” around here.

Check out this mind-bending list of possibilities:

  • Divination with Bird, ages 12-14
  • Nature Writing for a New Future with Elizabeth, ages 12-14
  • Gum on My Locker with Suzanne, ages 9-11
  • Some Strings Attached: Puppets and the Art of Storytelling with June, ages 9-11
  • Vision, Verse & Voice: The Writerly Spirit Guides of Art and Music with Bird, ages 14-17
  • I Was Dreaming When I Wrote This with Suzanne, ages 14-17
  • Stand and Deliver: Poetry and Performance with Suzanne, ages 12-14
  • A Momentary Flash with Elizabeth, ages 12-14
  • Storycraft: Short Fiction with Bird, ages 14-17
  • Life in 10 Minutes with Valley, ages 14-17
  • Wheel of Destiny and the Chamber of Games with Suzanne, ages 9-11
  • Curiosity Zoo with Phil, ages 9-11
  • Screenwriting the Binge-worthy Series with Suzanne, ages 12-14
  • Including You with Phil, ages 12-14
  • Publish a Chapbook of Poetry with June, ages 12-17

Find full camp descriptions and register here.

We can accommodate students who fall within 6 months of the starting age if they’re already showing a commitment to writing and can work in a group setting with older writers.

We are now offering FULL DAY camp options every week! Half days are still available, too. You can sign up for a morning and an afternoon session and send a lunch with your child – we’ll have staff onsite during the midday break to supervise lunch.

As always, half and full scholarships are available! Just write to Bird and let her know you’re interested: bird@richmondyoungwriters.com

If you’re in the position to donate to our scholarship fund, any and all amounts are massively appreciated and they go directly toward supporting participation for students in need!

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