Bach to Rock is for Kids Who Like To Play!

Every Rock Star and Classical Soloist has to start somewhere, and B2R is just the place!

Bach to Rock is a music education center for students of all ages (including adults!) offering early childhood programs, group classes, private lessons, Rock Bands, Glee Clubs, birthday parties, music camps and more. The environments are fun, stimulating and will inspire the future musician in everyone!

Bach to Rock believes that learning to play music should be fun… after all, it’s called “play” for a reason!

Their innovative approach and proprietary curriculum will guide and motivate beginners and experts.   Students are provided regular performance opportunities and access to the state-of-the art recording studio.

Find the B2R program that’s right for you or your child…


Rock N Roll:  (9 mo-3yr)  A high energy music and movement class for kids as young as 9 months along with a parent or care giver that promotes development through singing, dancing, instrument exploration and more.

Rock City: (3-6 yr)  An action packed class filled with musical adventure! It incorporates movement-based activities, exposure to live instruments and musically-inspired story time that will help develop rhythm and motor skills.

Kids N Keys:  (5-7yr)  An energetic, small group environment that introduces children to the fundamentals of music and piano.  Kids encounter the concepts, symbols and sounds that form the basis of music literacy with activities and games that involve listening, movement, singing and creative music making.  They progress at their own pace through three levels of curriculum, build a repertoire and have performance opportunities along the way!


B2R has a time-tested, innovative approach to music instruction for students in a private or group setting for all types of instruments including piano, guitar, bass, drums, voice, stringed, woodwinds, brass and others.   Yes, it is a well balanced approach to theory, technique and repertoire but bottom line:  Students are motivated to learn because they see early results, play music they like (whether it’s rock or Bach!) and have fun!


Students don’t have to be musical experts to join a band. They just need the desire to play!  Like sports, being part of a band builds teamwork, develops social skills, fosters self-esteem, promotes peer recognition and leads to meaningful friendships.  Students in bands learn faster because they get to regularly perform music they love with their peers, making the experience more engaging and real.


Birthday Kids and party guests become stars-for-the-day at Bach to Rock!  Everyone gets to learn from real musicians and vocal experts playing on B2R instruments and equipment in a fun-filled party that culminates with recording their own songs to bring home with them on a CD. B2R provides the party room, party directors, music and recording equipment and goody bags. You provide the kids, food and decorations!  Choose from three themes:  Rock Band, Karaoke or Rock City.  (Fun for the kids AND easy on the parents)


Let your kid live out a Rock & Roll Fantasy — to go from beginner to performing live in a single fun-filled week of B2R Summer Camp! No Experience Necessary! Bach to Rock has a variety of programs to fit your child’s interest and schedule, with full and half-day Rock Band and Glee Club camps for ages 7-17 and Audio Production Camp for ages 10 and up. For younger stars, there’s Rock City World Tour, a half day “Musical Adventure” for rockers ages 4-7.

So what are you waiting for? WE’RE HERE TO PLAY!