Free ‘Tempest’ Performance at Maymont on May 1st

Here is a great opportunity for you and your kids to enjoy a FREE performance at the Carriage House lawn at Maymont on May 1st, 213! Don’t miss it – it’s one of Shakespeare’s finest works!


The Tempest – By William Shakespeare

A FREE event for the entire family!

Performance – May 1st at 7pm

Rain Date – May 2nd at 7pm

Location – The Carriage House lawn at Maymont


(804) 358-7166, ext. 310

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”  

– Prospero

One of Shakespeare’s last plays, The Tempest is a rich and powerful story about magic and redemption. The action centers around Prospero, a powerful sorcerer betrayed by his brother and exiled to a tiny island with his daughter, where he plots his revenge and his return to power. In the process, he struggles to find grace and redemption and must face his own mortality. Haunting and often hilarious, The Tempest is considered to be among Shakespeare’s finest works.

Funded by the E. Rhodes & Leona B. Carpenter Foundation