Let’s talk about a tough subject: Sexually Transmitted Disease Forum April 1st & 3rd

Let’s talk about a tough subject:  Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Join VPFW’s Dr. Jennie Draper (Innsbrook) or Dr. Corinne Tuckey-Larus (Midlothian) for an in-depth discussion about STDs, including risks, symptoms, treatments, tests, and screenings. If you have questions about STDs, you’ll get the answers and expert advice you need. This may be a subject no one likes to talk about […]

The Power of X – Just What is That?

A few years ago, the ACT Company released the results of a study titled The Forgotten Middle which concluded that how a student performs by the end of 8th grade is the best indicator of how successful they will be in college and beyond and their evidence proved this by an overwhelming margin. To some […]

Parenting Resources for Raising Tweens in the Richmond Area

Parenting kids during those awkward tween years can be challenging. It’s a balancing act to figure out how to balance discipline with respecting their newfound independence. One of the challenges of adolescent behavior is the ability to allow the child to experience the consequences of his/her behavior through his/her misbehavior or poor decision-making. Of course, […]