Daddy Too

In addition to the wealth of information available on Completely Kids, there are other some resources dedicated to dads.

Dad’s need information, resources, and support in many ways. Many families make the decision for dads to be the primary caregivers today. Some men are “stay at home” dads while their wives work full-time. Many share responsibility for childcare – and there are special resources designed just for men to help them navigate the experience of raising healthy, well-balanced kids. The resources below may be helpful for dads (and moms too!).

Dads and Kids Club – was formed back in ’95 with only a few Stay at Home Dads.  It now has a web base of @ 50 members.  The Dads group is very relaxed, non-committal and there is no dues.  We associate mainly through email for support, information and conversation but do get together for playgroups, Dads Night Out (DNO’s), and occasionally family get together’s. The playgroups range from meeting up at a park, museum, mall or bowling, or at someone’s house.  The DNO’s are normally dinner out somewhere, at a sports bar watching a game, poker at someone’s house, etc..  If you are interested, please go to their website at

FAM is parenting central for fathers and mothers, friends and mentors, and families like yours. FAM links parents with each other, with information on a range of child-rearing issues, and with local resources by providing a web-based clearinghouse, promoting the 1-800-CHILDREN helpline, and organizing Circle of Parents support groups. (804) 257-7226,

Father Focus is a Family Empowerment Initiative with fatherhood/ father support groups, parenting education, supportive services for men. Curtis, (804) 397-3339,

First Things First of Greater Richmond
5200 Grove Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226   Phone: 804.288.3431
Boot Camp for New Dads – A 3 hour workshop taught by dads who  train first time fathers to be experienced Dads.

National Center for Fathering –  The National Center for Fathering ( is a nonprofit educational organization that provides research-based training and resources so that men are equipped to address their children’s needs. Our goal is to reverse the cultural trend toward fatherlessness by helping every dad learn how to be a father.

National Fatherhood Institute – articles, resources, and discussion boards that give you the tools you need to be the dad your kids need you to be.

Postpartum Support International – resources for fathers and postpartum partners for informed support and connection at no charge.

What to Expect– A pregnant woman is not the only one who’s expecting – there are two of you working on this particular home improvement project, and you’re in it together. So while you may not know what to do in every (hormonal) situation, just being there to listen helps her out a lot. Plus, there are cool things awaiting you (you’ll get to talk to the baby before he’s even born!) so find out what you need to know to get through the 40-odd weeks, month by month.