About Us

Completely Kids LLC was started by a local Richmond Mom, Elizabeth Slater Costello. Liz identified the need for more valuable and easily accesible online information about raising kids in the Richmond area. Her desire to make this information easily available to other parents led to the discovery of a wealth of information and resources for moms, dads, and kids in the Richmond area.

Liz moved to Richmond over twelve years ago, and today she is busy raising her 9 year old son, and 7 and 3 year old daughters.  She fell in love with the Richmond area quickly and realized that it’s the perfect place to raise kids!

She is also involved in several women’s and children’s volunteer organizations, including the Children’s Museum of Richmond Junior Board and Junior League of Richmond.  She is an advocate for non-profit organizations that focus on children and families.

The Completely Kids Advisory Panel includes several moms from around the Richmond area – all with children of varying ages.

“Our goal is to select the best of what Richmond has to offer for children and families, and provide those details to local families.  Our hope is that the research we do will save parents time  – and inspire them to try new things. We also strive to find valuable resources to help parents raise kids by focusing on healthy, active lifestyles”.

Liz knows that this is one of the best ways to help kids grow into healthy, responsible adults.

Thank you for visiting CompletelyKidsRichmond.com – visit us often as we are always updating our resources and information.