Maymont’s New Nature Center!

Maymont has a new Nature Center! The Robins Nature Center, a 29,000-square-foot attraction, is the largest facility of its kind in central Virginia and holds close to 30,000 gallons of aquaria showcasing animals of the James River and Chesapeake Bay. The new experience at Maymont emphasizes the natural history of the area and environmental stewardship opportunities for the community.

The exciting new features include (although not all may be open right now):

  • River Reach – A 34-foot-tall centerpiece sculpture that inspires active play and learning within a series of netted rising platforms that depict microscopic river microorganisms. 
  • Digital Pool Touch Stations – Two virtual shallow pools with touch responsiveness, teeming with wildlife and native plants waiting to be discovered.
  • Run of the River, Activity and Exploration – Lively recreation with rocks to climb, a beaver lodge to visit, a kayak to hop in, and other playful pursuits.
  • Run of the River, Education and Inspiration – Giant river murals, vividly illustrated facts and figures, animal models, and other engaging information about the river ecosystem.
  • My James River Learning Tools – Fun facts, short videos and river trivia in an entertaining app on multiple screens.
  • Dynamic Fish Identification – Realistic digital animal illustrations to identify the aquatic and terrestrial life in the aquariums
  • Enhanced Guest Amenities
  • Aquarium Upgrades – Improved habitats and heating systems for the fish, turtles and other animals