Giants Insects are Crawling to the Science Museum of Virginia!

Beetles, dragonflies and locusts, oh my! See everyday insects up close and personal like never before! Giant Insects, opening January 18 at the Science Museum of Virginia, features huge animatronic insects, up to 120 times larger than life size.

This one-of-a-kind experience offers an up-close and personal look at the intricate physical structures of insects and provides insight into their amazing characteristics and abilities. This exhibition invites visitors to take a closer look at the stunning diversity and resourcefulness of these interesting, and sometimes overlooked, creatures.

Come explore entomology and gasp in awe at a 19-ft. praying mantis lunging at prey, two 11-ft. male Atlas beetles locked in battle, a gigantic caterpillar foraging for food and so much more! 

Plus, this exhibition features LIVE insects in terrariums and guests will have the ability to control and examine colossal animatronic insect heads to see how they utilize their unique anatomy to camouflage and consume food.  

The critters featured in Giant Insects are highly-detailed, high-tech robots developed and produced by Kokoro Exhibits, the world’s first and foremost collection of museum-quality animatronic exhibits, leading the U.S. traveling exhibit market for over 30 years.

This exhibition is the perfect complement to the Museum’s Animal Lab and will excite insect lovers of all ages! Don’t miss your chance to journey on an insect safari; Giant Insects will be crawling to the Museum on January 18, 2020. This exhibition is included with Museum admission, which is $15.50 for adults, $13.50 for youth and seniors, and $10 for preschool age children. Children 2 and under are free.

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