6 Ways to Teach Your Children About Giving This Season

Sometimes the holiday season can feel like it is more about getting, than giving, which is the opposite of what we might hope for as parents.  Listed below are six easy ways to teach your kids about giving.  We hope it helps inspire you and yours!

1. Help Neighbors
Regularly engage your kids in a service project. Clean up the yard of an elderly neighbor or bake a treat for a community member or serviceperson.

2. Donate Clothing
Go through your closets and find clothes you haven’t worn in a while, which can be given to a local group for distribution to the needy. Show your children how to do the same. Allow them to select which clothes or toys they wish to donate, then take your children with you when you drop the items off at the charitable destination.

3. Collect Your Change
Create a charity jar to be used by the family when allowances are distributed. Invite children to share some of their allowance with others through donating to the jar. As the jar fills, decide as a family where to contribute the contents. Not sure where to to donate?  Read about various charities on the Internet and share this information with your children to help them make an informed decision.

4. Serve Your Community
Get on a regular service schedule at your church or synagogue. Sign up for a time to mow the grass and trim the bushes. Take your turn ushering and allow your child to assist.

5. Deliver Food
Put together holiday food baskets and give to a family in need.  Involve your children is selecting canned goods, fruit, and other treats to include. Decorate the package and deliver it together.

6. Don’t Forget The Pets
Buy dog or cat food and take it to the a local animal shelter.  Even better, see if you kids can love on those animals waiting to be adopted.