Imagine, Design and Create with Doodle Dynamo’s Art Camp

Lets’ Imagine, Design and Create this summer with Doodle Dynamo!

Doodle Dynamo offers art themes that are unique and adventurous for every age category. Through inquiry-based instructions, group discussions, and hands-on art activities, students will discover new ideas and techniques in a nurturing environment. Some of the themes are Budding Architect, Jr. Graphic Designer, Nature Artist and Animal Explorer. Our camps introduce kids to basic art, contemporary art and new age digital art. It is simply the best art summer camp in Richmond area!

Camp Nature Artist (Grade 1-3): In this camp, we will discover how Mother Nature’s palettes and artistry inspire artists, and the children will then create their own masterpieces with traditional art supplies & natural materials. Campers are invited to join us as we experience the many treasures cast in our path this summer! Some examples of the projects will include Sticks & Stones Frames, Plant Press, Environmental Installations, Balanced Rock Sculptures, and Botanical Illustrations.


Camp Animal Explorer (Grade 1-3): Calling all animal lovers! In this fun and educational camp, we will discuss topics including animal classifications, habitats, physical adaptations, endangered species, and more!  Through hands-on activities, we will create relevant arts and crafts as we explore animals from the arctic to the rainforest to the deep blue ocean. Some examples of the projects will include Life-sized Brown Bear, Printed Monarch Butterflies, Pop-up Red-Eyed Tree Frogs, Recycled Paper Mache Fish, and Clay Night Owls.


Camp Budding Architect (Grade 4-9): Any child with a creative mind can be an architect!  Architecture is rich with the wisdom of centuries past. This fun and educational class will offer hands-on activities inspired by building designs around the world including St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Taj Mahal, Notre-Dame, the Great Pyramid, and the Parthenon.  We will explore the innovations and physical science behind these structures.  This approach will give us an understanding of how our modern building techniques and materials have evolved over time. Some examples of the projects will include Clay Cathedrals, Symmetrical Sculptures, Scaled Pyramid Models, Gumdrop Towers, Greek and Gothic Architecture. 


Camp Graphic Designer (Grade 4-7): Welcome to the wonderful world of Graphic Design! Explore the ins and outs of this fantastic field through a mix of hands-on and digital design activities. You will learn about Color Theory through making and mixing colored slime, find out how companies use colors to whet our appetites and make products look more luxurious, and get to know the graphic designers behind today’s most famous brands, company logos, book covers, movie posters, and more! Throughout this fun-filled week of design discovery, you will get to use G Suite and other online design tools to create your very own posters, business cards, and other exciting art and design projects.


Few Facts:
Summer Camp Hours:  Monday-Friday, 9am to 4pm.
Pre-Camp Hours:  8am-9am
Post-Camp Hours: 4:00pm 5:30pm
Location: Richmond Academy, 12285 Patterson Ave, Richmond, VA-23238
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Check camp schedule and location at
Contact:  Phone No: 804-256-3545,