Why I Fell In Love With Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish Swim School is awesome.  Let’s be honest, taking a preschooler for swim lessons can be quite a challenge.  However, right when we walked through the door we felt transported to a tropical oasis full of bright, beautiful colors, warm air and a very friendly staff.

When the lesson starts, parents are encouraged to walk their child to his or her pool lane.  I loved this because it allowed my child to focus on the pool and not on being separated from me.  Once he was in the water, I walked back out and sat behind a huge wall of glass where my child could see and wave to me the whole time.

The ratio of instructors to swimmers is amazing.

My son never had more than three other children in his group at one time and he always had two instructors.  This was awesome because he actually spent more time swimming than waiting his turn.

The instructors are always evaluating the children as they swim, so children can move up to different swim groups as goals are met throughout the weeks.  At the end of my son’s second lesson, they assessed he was ready for the next group.  I found this amazing, because I knew for sure the money and time I was spending was really worth every penny.

When the lessons are finished, parents are invited back onto the pool deck.  The instructors give a quick summary to each parent about his or her child’s lesson before the child is dismissed.  I loved this because each week I knew my child’s strengths and weaknesses.

My favorite part about Goldfish Swim School is after my son swims – showers, blow dryers, and lockers are all readily available.  We’ve all been to an indoor pool and entered a locker room to nearly freeze to death.  At Goldfish Swim School, the showers are in the pool area!  My son walks right from the pool to his shower, uses shampoo provided by Goldfish Swim, and is showered and clean before we go home.

When we leave the pool area, the changing space is clean, spacious (big enough for my three kids and me).  I can dry his suit in the dryer, and dry my son’s hair using the blow dryers.  And we are done for the day!  It is clear a mom came up with this concept and it makes the whole process super easy.

Want To See it For Yourself?

If you are interested in learning more about Goldfish Swim School, visit their website or they are always happy to talk by phone at 804.967.3100.