SwimRVA Summer Camp – Keep Richmond Active!

According to the 2013 American Camp Association Camp Compensation and Benefits Report, more than 14 million children and adults attend camp in the US, and non-profit groups like SwimRVA account for 11,000 different camps offered throughout the country.  According to an organization called The Partnership For 21st Century Skills, some of the skills necessary to become successful adults are communication, collaboration, creativity, leadership, socialization, and problem solving.  The camp experience is filled with opportunities to provide these skills.

Parents want the best for their children.  They are willing to do what it takes to ensure their child’s success.  Children need to be self-reliant, have good social and life skills and establish a good sense of self-esteem.  Camp experiences keep kids away from distractions and offer rich experiences and lessons that last a lifetime.

SwimRVA offers a variety of aquatic based self-esteem building camp opportunities.   Recently, the SwimRVA Winter Camp served kids ages 6-12 years old in a fun, skill-learning week of swim lessons, log rolling, water polo, splash ball and other aquatic games.  During the winter break, children were engaged with activity based programming that enhanced their aquatic skills.

SwimRVA camps are designed to maximize every minute with learning and physical and mental engagement.  Day one starts with swim testing and moves straight into lessons.   After some fun journal entries, games, and lessons, the parents picked up some pretty worn out kids.  Day two builds upon the relationships forged the day before.   After some refreshers and more lessons, campers apply their skills to SwimRVA splash ball and water polo.  When finished scarfing down some lunch, the campers got to do some log rolling. SwimRVA’s Director of Programs, Dr. Debbie Kelo, commented:

“Log rolling truly incorporates all of our program principles.  From having the COURAGE to get up on the log, the PERSISTENCE to keep trying, to the SUCCESS from staying up on top for more than ten seconds.  This activity really builds their self-esteem.  When they fall off, instead of giving up, they learn from their mistakes, realize it can be done with a little hard work, and they get back up over and over again, showing themselves and their peers they can do anything they put their mind to.  It is also incredible to see the encouragement from the other kids as they cheer on their new friends!”

Every activity counts.  Every new station in the camp itinerary is another way to improve a child’s self-esteem.  On day three, campers egage with SwimRVA’s Wellness department.  They dance with the Senior Wellness Coordinator, Renee Samaha.  As day four hits, new friends and new lifetime memories are being formed and documented in the SwimRVA Camp Journals.  With over 20 lessons in one week, campers were passing stations left and right.  The last day is filled with amazing journal entries of their experience.  One child, when asked what it was like to ring the SwimRVA Swim School Bell of Success, replied “It’s like I just ran 600 meters and got FIRST PLACE!”   Access to physical activity can be limited.  SwimRVA strives to break those barriers by providing a fun and engaging week-long opportunity to stay aquatically active.  Camps provide an outlet for kids to release energy, stay active and challenge themselves physically and socially during off days from school.   The lifetime skills learned reinforce development of healthy kids.

This summer, SwimRVA has decided to add new camps to the schedule.  The list of camps will include Jr. Lifeguard Camp, Water Sports Camp, High Performance Camp. Strokes and Turns Camp, and our newest favorite, Mermaid Camp.

Give your child a lifetime memory this year.  Keep them active throughout the school year and through the summer.  Find a camp that best fits what your child is looking for.  Keep Richmond active!