What are Handsocks? Learn More Here!

Casey with baby and logoCasey Bunn is an entrepreneur who always is looking for babies in need. She knew her arm-long mittens could keep babies warm, and when she formed her Handsocks company, she vowed that a portion of the proceeds would be donated. Now with a new Kickstarter campaign, during American Heart Month, she is also encouraging customers to help provide Handsocks to children with critical or life threatening illnesses.

“Your heart just melts for any parent and child going through a need for hospitalization,” says Bunn. “It was due to a few special heart patients that I connected with Jessica Lynn, founder of Ruther Glen, VA, non-profit Gracie’s Gowns. First, I met a Fredericksburg heart baby named Finn Blumenthal, who is now two and still makes routine trips to UVA Children’s hospital for treatment. I connected with Finn’s mother last summer when Handsocks donated mittens to children at UVA. It was because of Finn and another UVA heart baby, Felix Owens, that we are now offering reward options on Kickstarter to go to Gracie’s for free delivery along-side their hospital gowns.”

3 babiesGracie’s has made custom, sleeveless hospital gowns for both Finn and Felix as well as thousands of other children.

Blumenthal wears Handsocks to keep warm and prevent him from damaging IVs. Owens wore them to keep him from pulling at a hearing aid. “Kickstarter will help us launch new Handsocks named after real babies, but more than that it’s going to build awareness for Gracie’s Gowns, too, and give to other organizations as well, so the impact will be big,” says Bunn.

The campaign will include Handsocks in new, limited edition designs featuring your choice of whales, elephants, chevron and potential surprise prints. You can find the campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1803472731/736198276?token=6503be8c, February 9-March 20. Kickstarter is a website that allows a product, project or service to come to life with the help of backers who purchase different rewards levels.

Handsocks have now been keeping baby’s hands and arms warm for three years. The fling-proof mittens were inspired by a family ski trip when Bunn forgot to pack baby mittens. She improvised with ski socks. Over time parents also shared the medical benefits expanding interest in Handsocks and the company’s ability to give back. Find out more at www.handsocks.com.