Math Exhibit Opens at the Science Museum of Virginia

science museumMath Exhibit Opens at the Science Museum of Virginia
September 24, 2016 – January 29, 2017

Do the Math! opens at the Science Museum of Virginia on Saturday, September 24th. The traveling exhibition features an array of interactive activities that not only make math fun, but also make it relevant to our everyday lives.

The Museum invites guests to uncover a world of ratios as they take on three-dimensional challenges that bring math to a larger scale. The exhibition delves into the fundamentals of math through activities that cast shadows to explore ratios, use weights to test balance, play with proportions and more.

“Many technological advancements and careers rely on innovative minds that have a strong foundation in mathematics,” said Chuck English, Director of Playful Learning and Inquiry, Science Museum of Virginia. “Do the Math! provides a tangible, hands-on experience that will bring math to life and let our guests have fun as they learn these essential principles.”

Guests will count on their ingenuity to create geometrical art and create a custom graph with a friend based on the speed of their movements. The multisensory activities delve into fractions, frequencies and functions, allowing guests to investigate the hidden world of math in the world around them.

Do the Math! is included with Museum admission. Tickets are $14 with $1 discounts for ages 4-12 and 60+. Visit or call 804.864.1400 for details.