Olympic Torch

Another fun way to help your kids get excited for the Olympics is have them make there very own torch!  This is a quick, simple craft using all materials you most likely have around your house.


What you need:

Red Tissue Paper

Yellow Tissue Paper

White printer paper





1.  Cut your red and yellow tissue paper in half, creating four pieces.1-01e0b3e3a5d67c0189785f78d0a2d92c648b4d12f5




2.  Then alternate the yellow and red tissue paper, separating them so the corners are staggered.



3.  Take a piece of white printer paper, curling it to create a tube shape.  This will be the torch handle.  2-01022dc46d62ec8982aed99fdebb8e553608160abe





4.  Glue your printer paper and hold for a few minutes while waiting for the glue to dry.





5.  Grab all of your tissue paper from the outer edges and squish them together, creating a fluffy pile.3-01032e7c854bd22b0537dbf558744d336bf20afebc








6.  Stuff the tissue paper into your white torch and have fun!4-013ca8dc24880ee1914a90b8eaabe7098e6fcdb8d7