Marshmallow Madness

These long summer days with the anticipation of school starting makes kids restless!  This sweet activity provides endless hours of fun allowing your kids to be as creative as they wish.  The best part – there is very little clean up or mess!


What you need:

Mini Marshmallows


tape (optional)



1.   Spread out the mini marshmallows and toothpicks over the table so everyone can reach and share.1-012d5e9cb7c611de2751aede86d7280bf147e0f146







2.  Come up with an idea of something you want to try to create.  It can be as easy or as complicated as you want!



3.  Start assembling your toothpicks and marshallows together.2-01d90feb4e38a5a7e8f14f33da9dcad67bb1f374c6






4.  Pictured here is an igloo, kite, basket (used tape), bridge, snowflake, cube…….as you can see ideas are endless!5-0101de21979ba7bbc39f6a9169aaa5041cf86c2abe