Back to School Banana Snack

Summer is winding down and it’s time to start thinking about school!  Try this healthy, new, and yummy after school snack.  It’s quick and easy for those hectic afternoons.


What you need:



Whole wheat wrap




1.   Lay out your wrap and spread Nutella over the entire surface.2-019a53821b4332f2a2a75729cc01c50a22c76b323c







2.  Cut your banana so it fits the length of the wrap and place it in the middle.3-01e2f8b8e6866293433fdce7aff23d1f2181c22c39 - Copy







3.  Roll up your banana in the wrap.4-016bfc9e75f6258a18c2b77425441f911289e40cee







4.  Cut little slices so they’re bite size pieces.5-018f393fa51a0573700b1f60ff20a8fa855d2f5e2f






5.  Serve and enjoy!6-01257b124efe3cf8a47e9300bae3ccd59080b7fe28