Fireworks Paint

Try this craft to create a fun fireworks display at home and help kids get excited for the Fourth of July!  It’s fun, easy, and a great way to build the excitement for fireworks!


What you need:

Blue and red paint

6 bendable straws

Scotch tape




1. Create your “firework” with straws.  Tape the 6 straws together and bend them into an angel.  01d3d6854422a6299aac7c7507f66470bc48f2fa5a





2.  Put some of your red and blue paint onto a paper plate.





3.  Using your “firework” straw, dip it into the red and blue paint.01979dd7263d396d314a3630b59d138d636542d327








4.  Then place it however you wish onto your paper and create the ultimate fireworks display!016fbcafeb93a29891259525598658ceffac196706