Crab Apple Snack

With it becoming the middle of summer, what a fun way to get excited about an upcoming beach vacation or remembering the fun from a vacation that has already come and gone!  This cute little crab snack will have your kids excited and loving a new twist on a healthy apple for snack.


What you need:

Red Apple

Cutting Board




1. Cut your red apple in half on your cutting board.1-01273e8c8c58c51c972c5104c7adf84ad185c9d98e








2.  On one of the cut halves, make 10 thin slices.  Eight will be the back legs and 2 will be the front claws.2-01943e05a5f8edcd9baf782e3f254ba763e370a9e8








3.  Make a zig-zap pattern on 2 slices.  These are the claws.




4.  Place the 8 back legs and 2 claw slices under the other half.3-01b77f987ed75a8b23a82918eaf95eabe378d013ab






5.  Place 2 of the apple seeds in for the eyes.