Flower Snack

Surprise your kids with this fun and healthy flower snack or use this idea during your next play date.   It only takes minutes to put this snack together and it’s fun for the kids to help too!


What you need:




Serving tray or cutting board


How to do the snack:

1.  Cut your cantaloupe into slices and clean the seeds out thoroughly.  Then cut each slice in half width wise to shorten the length of each “petal.”  Cut enough slices to go around the area of your tray or cutting board.



2.  Place a bunch of grapes in the center of the petals to act as the center of the flower.1-01d0a89269c2fe5549c9c779b120546c7d1f8faf91




3.  Place a celery stalk that has a leaf remaining on it and place it on the bottom of the cantaloupe and grapes.  This acts as the stem of the flower.



4.  Impress your kids or guest with this fun and healthy snack!