Make Your Own Spring Sock Bunny!

This fun, cuddly craft is something you can make with your kids without sewing or gluing any material. The best part is how simple it is and how fun you can have making memories with your child.

Supplies needed:

* Socks! Any size, color, or pattern will work. Medium sized crew socks or bobby socks worked best.
* Three elastic bands or rubber bands The smaller, the better. We used Crazy Loom Bands on our bunnies.
* Rice, beans, or small sized pasta to fill the bunny. Roughly a cup for a smaller sock and around 2 cups for a larger sock.
* Ribbon for around the neck.
* Markers, sharpies, or paint will work for making the face.
* Scissors

Step By Step Instructions:


1. Once you’ve decided on which sock you want to use, fill it with whatever pasta, rice, or beans you choose. You want to fill it until there is a good stopping point in your sock. Usually around the ankle area of the sock is a good stopping point.



2-IMG_2460 (1)2. Tie the first elastic band around the ankle area of the sock to keep the filler from falling out. This is the top of the head.




3-IMG_24613. Tie the second elastic band under the first, creating a rounded ball for the head. This band would be making the “neck” of the bunny. This should be tied close to the heal area of you sock.




4-IMG_24644. Tie the third elastic band at the toe area of the sock, creating the tail.





5-IMG_2467 (1)5. Cut the bunny ears from the top of the sock, cutting toward towards the top of the head. You can leave the ears flopping or shape them to make them more pointy. Be careful not to cut down too close to the elastic band to prevent ripping.






6-IMG_24756. Cut a piece of ribbon, roughly 15 inches and tie around the neck.








7-IMG_24788-IMG_24807. Now with the craft supply of your choice, create eyes, noes, whiskers, mouth, etc.





9-FullSizeRender (3)8, Play and cuddle with your new bunny!