10 Things To Do With Kids On A Snow Day

kids for feb-marchThe snow is still here and you are running out of ideas for entertaining your kids.  Sound familiar?  Here is a list of things you can do to change things up (with out leaving the house or using an electronic device).

  1. Put on a Puppet Show: Kids of all ages can get involved with this one.  Puppets can be made out of almost anything if you don’t have puppets on hand – paper bags, socks, construction paper…you can even use little fingers and markers if you have to 🙂
  2. Make Your Own Musical Instruments:  Make a drum, a maraca, or anything else you can come up with.  Kids can bang on a box or a pan with a spoon.  Make crazy hats with construction paper and parade around.
  3. Coloring:  Here is the great thing about coloring – it is calming – for everyone.  You may have colored a bunch the last couple days, but have you downloaded a ‘grown up’ coloring page?  Google ‘free grown up coloring pages’ for you and your older kids to try.  Then download almost any kid of coloring page you might want for your little ones  – Dora, Disney, Avengers…
  4. Act Out a Story from a Favorite Book:  Give Everyone in the family a part to play!
  5. Build a Fort: Use chairs, cushions and old sheets.  Let the kids bring their pillows and lovies in there with them.  And if they are old enough, a good book!
  6. Make Collars and Leashes for Stuffed Animals:  Use ribbons, felt, pipe cleaners, bells, etc.  Then make then a shoe box train for them to ride in.
  7. Make a Mummy: Wrap everyone from head to toe in toilet paper.
  8. Puzzles:  Take your old, simpler puzzles and mix the pieces all together.  Get the kids to solve them now!
  9. Build a Road: Here’s a new way to play with trucks and cars. Go crazy and build a city through the house! Use painters tape for easy removal. You can even purchase ‘road tape’ for help in the future.
  10. Get Out the Photo Albums:  Take a little time to share memories and stories with your little ones.  They will love it!
Happy Snow Day from the CK Team!