Alien Worlds and Androids Awaken at the Science Museum of Virginia

AB9C6571Alien Worlds and Androids Awaken at the Science Museum of Virginia
TODAY – February 21st, 2016

This fall, C-3P0, Iron Man and a T-800 model Terminator will join forces at the Science Museum of Virginia as part of a new exhibition:Alien Worlds and Androids. Starting Saturday, October 10 guests can join the search for alien life and discover worlds far beyond Earth.

Inside Alien Worlds and Androids guests come face-to-face with the fantastic cosmic realms depicted in popular science fiction films, explore cutting-edge technology and discover alien-like creatures found right here on Earth. The futuristic exhibition uncovers innovative designs from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory – revealing the development of robots and androids with artificial intelligence.

smva alien-android-rochester-schlia-013“The vastness of the known universe is almost beyond comprehension. This exhibition allows us to step back and speculate on what we will find outside our own solar system, when we have the technology to go beyond it,” says Richard Conti, Chief Wonder Officer, Science Museum of Virginia. “Seeing Pluto up close should only whet our appetite to learn even more about our place in the universe.”

Alien Worlds and Androids allows guests to journey alongside Mar’s Curiosity rover and learn about the functions of robots on our planet, from GPS devices to highly complex military drones. Interactive stations include maneuvering a mechanical arm, experimenting with variables to determine the likelihood of life in an environment and assembling your own space creatures. From distant galaxies to the microscopic ‘aliens’ (microbiomes) that live inside our bodies, the exhibition demonstrates how we have never been closer to answering the question “Are we alone in the universe?”

smv alien-android-rochester-schlia-029The Museum will also light up the night with science during Science After Dark: Glow! on Friday, October 16 from 5 – 9 pm. This special evening event will feature glow-in-the-dark activities alongside live astronomy in The Dome and a special presentation of Back to the Future Part II. Science After Dark guests will learn about luminescence and phosphorescence before stepping outside to stargaze through telescopes with the Richmond Astronomical Society.

Alien Worlds and Androids is included with Museum admission. Tickets are $11 with $1 discounts for ages 4-12 and 60+. Science After Dark tickets are $5. Visit or call 804.864.1400 for details.

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