Wicked Plants are Wicked Cool!

smv logoHave you had the opportunity to visit the Wicked Plants exhibit at the Science Museum of Virginia?   No?  Well, if you have tweens and teens – you should!

The Wicked Plants exhibit is 4,500 square feet of weird, set  in a mysterious old house.  Visitors walk through different rooms as they encounter the deadly Nightshade family of plants; plants that affect the biochemical, physical and neurological processes of the human body.  If your kids like the peculiar and bizarre then they will enjoy this!

The exhibit is organized in 10 or so rooms, each demonstrating something different & dangerous about plants.  This is format allows for new discoveries about plants and reveals what just makes them wicked.  Our group definitely had a few favorites that you don’t want to miss.

photo (2)

Dangerous plants on your dinner plate.

One of our favorites was the Dining Room – each place was set with a different plate that revealed a clue about how even the most basic food, can be dangerous, maybe even lethal.  These are everyday foods like corn, peas, limes, almonds and more.  Be prepared, your kids will try to use this information to avoid these foods after you leave!

Another room that made an impression on our group was the Bathroom – this room held examples of how stinky some plants can be.  If you sniff too closely – beware – the smell will stick with you!

The danger though, is most apparent in the Laboratory.  A crime scene exists and kids must look for clues to help unravel the mystery of an occupant’s death.  This was where the lesson of wicked plants hit home.


Sticky plants in the bathroom.

There is so much to see in this exhibit – including a section on the wicked plants of Virginia.  The greatest lesson your child might learn is ‘Leaves of Three, Let Them Be’.  And that alone could be worth the price of admission.

Wicked Plants will be at the Science Museum of Virginia though May 17th.

Access to the exhibit is included in museum admission.  For details or to plan your trip, click here.