You should be…. SINGIN’ IT!

singin itChildren and youth everywhere love singing. Music is a form of expression unlike any other …. it allows a child to transcend, imagine, and express so much emotion. Music is a major part of movies and tv shows, and kids are just itching to be a part of it all! They want to sing their heart out, pretend to be someone else, and act. And here is their chance!

The Musical Theater classes at Melody Magic Music Studio are group instruction for ages 4-8 years and 8-12 years. These “Singin’ It” and “Take a Bow” classes are based on some big favorites for kids — popular musicals (Wicked!), TV shows (American Idol, the Voice), and more. Each 8-week class will focus on proper singing technique, facial expression, confidence, and vocal ensemble work, and will offer our young students an introduction to all that performance has to offer. It’s a great way to expose a child to the world of musical theater, without all the pressure of a huge production. The class culminates with a mini-performance on the last day of each session — enough to share and practice what they have learned, but not enough to intimidate a new performer.

singin it 3

Next up? “American Idol Style” and “Disney on Broadway” vocal classes, as well as “Take a Bow” acting class. Taught by a local musical theater professional, students will enjoy games and activities that bring out their smiles, all the while building their skills and confidence. Each hour-long class will be the highlight of their week!

Classes begin the week of January 12th. Each 8-week session is $90 (siblings just $80). Register online to reserve a spot for your child!

*Still not sure? Contact Melody Magic to inquire about a no-obligation trial class the first week of classes, space provided.

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