Are Your Kids Up For The Challenge of Water Polo? CSAC Offers The First Youth Team in RVA

Playing 2Are you up for the challenge? Water polo may not be for you.  It is one of the toughest sports around.  When water polo was first played in the United States it looked like a form of football in the water.  Water polo has now become a great combination of basketball, rugby, hockey, and soccer. The fun of the game began with the rise of the sport and shortly after, athletes everywhere began to see that the health benefits of water polo are plentiful.

Every sport is known for something.  In football you have to be tough and take a hit, basketball you have to be agile, and professional swimmers have to constantly remain in shape.  What about water polo players?  They are all these things in one.  Not only is water polo a fun sport, it is also a great sport to keep active and stay in shape.  Since your body is constantly in motion, water polo can be a demanding physical sport.  It requires a lot of agility and fast movements, which helps increase core strength and flexibility, they must be able to swim the length of the pool several times in a match, which increases endurance, and there is no question they must be in shape.  Overall this sport is a perfect way to build up your endurance and muscular capacity.

RVA Polo 1RVA Polo is the first youth water polo team.  The RVA Sharks, led by former professional Serbian water polo player, Miras Jelic, is a fast growing team in the region.  Coach Miras started playing at age 9, eventually leading his team to a national ranking for Spartak Subotica in Subotica, Serbia.  He has played in Italy, Hungary, Greece, and Croatia and is a great leader in this fast growing sport!

The RVA Sharks started off in 2013 with only a few kids and is constantly growing. They have traveled to Washington D.C. to play Ball Under, and their goal is to travel to California for the Juniors Olympics held from July24th-Aug 2nd of 2015.  They hold practices and meets for youth ages and guarantee nothing but fun and a great workout.  RVA Polo is not built on wins and losses, rather we strive to build character by developing leadership, encouraging ethics, and community.  We look forward to seeing you all there!

This article was provided by The Collegiate School Aquatics Center.  If you’re interested in getting to know more about the youth water polo team and want to join in on the fun, contact Scott Bennett at 804-271-8275 or email at