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Caillou, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2015, is an award-winning brand that began as book series created by Christine L’Heureux and published by Chouette Publishing.  Caillou is about an inquisitive four year old whose unique way of relating to the world has charmed generations of preschoolers who connect with how he plays, learns and lives.   Based on a best-selling series of books, first published in 1990, Caillou is a unique preschool show that presents family and friend life-like situations & settings.  The stories are age appropriate and help children grow with self-esteem, confidence and independence.   Caillou has consistently ranked as one of the top 10 television series for preschoolers nationwide since its premiere in 2000. “Caillou,” the animated preschool series, airs in the U.S. on PBS Kids, the #1 preschool destination for kids and parents, on PBS Sprout and in several major international territories, including Australia, Canada and others.  Caillou has won multiple awards, including two Parent’s Choice Awards, in consecutive years.

cailloudollCaillou exhibits a familiar sensibility and behaviors that parents of preschoolers can relate to. Caillou is a curious child who loves to discover the world around him through everyday experiences. He embellishes everything he sees with his rich imagination. Surrounded by his parents, his younger sister Rosie, his grandparents and peers his age, Caillou is fascinated by everything around him. Whether he’s at home, at school or on the playground, Caillou finds opportunities to learn and grow. The series teaches life lessons that address fear, anger, consequences, loneliness, anxiety and empathy to help children understand those emotions.
Imports Dragon and DHX Media announced the launch of its newest item from the popular Caillou line, the Caillou Talking Doll. The highly anticipated item will be showcased to toy insiders across the globe for the first time at the 2014 American International Toy Fair in New York.  The Caillou Talking Doll is the first licensed product that will hit shelves as the Caillou brand leads into its 25th anniversary and celebrates 15 years on the air on PBS in 2015.  The new Caillou Talking Doll will hit stores across North America this Spring 2014.  MSRP: $34.99.

The Caillou Talking Doll proposes a fresh new look for this world renowned character, with bright new school gear including a removable backpack and hat.  The doll allows a whole new level of interaction between kids and Caillou, offering ten educational interactions meant to spark children’s creativity, including two quick and easy French words to learn and say.  Imports Dragon joined the ranks of Caillou licensees in 2009, since then additional licensed merchandise for the brand include the award winning bath time series, play sets and figures.

CaillouTalkingDoll Pager

Interest in Winning One?  Click here to enter our giveaway.  To be eligible to win, your entry must be submitted no later than Noon on April 19th.  The winner will be announced on April 21st.   The doll will be shipped to the winner.

Caillou is a popular developmentally age appropriate TV series.  Aimed at kids aged 2-5, Caillou is a proven and trusted hit clocking up fourteen years on PBS Kids, and sold to over 100 countries worldwide  including the US (PBS and Sprout), Canada (Treehouse & TFO), Germany (Super RTL), Turkey (Yumurcak) and Spain (RTVE).   To date, 92 half hours of original “Caillou” programming has been produced plus one feature length holiday special. 

Caillou apparel, books, home video and other merchandise are sold online and in mass and specialty retail stores nationwide.