A special giveaway to help everyone keep their cool during the holidays and beyond!

Calm-Down-Package-AP215-265x220During the hectic holiday season, it’s easy for all of us (including our children!) to get wound up and sometimes feel like we’re losing it! Here’s something that can help. Enter to win a Calm Down Package with practical materials to help your children learn to calm down and for you to stay calm yourself.

This package is offered by Wingspan, the developers of the nationally recognized life skills curriculum, Al’s Pals.  The package includes step-by-step instructions, a poster, colorful stickers, and a CD with the soothing “Calm Down” song that helps everyone relax. To enter, send an email by December 18th to AcornDreams@wingspanworks.com with “Calm Down Contest” in the subject line.

Visit AcornDreams.com for other effective materials created by Wingspan to help children make healthy choices, stop and think, and get along with others. Receive a 15% discount on all items at the AcornDreams Store through the end of December by using the coupon code “CompletelyKids.”

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